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Some of the country’s largest brands have entrusted their online reputation to TrueLogic, and leaned on our years of leadership in public relations and digital marketing. Using our expertise in SEO marketing service and other online marketing channels, we help businesses maintain a positive brand identity to outrank the competition.

Our online reputation management services will provide you with leverage against any online attacks on your brand:

  • Develop a strong, consistent brand identity across all platforms.
  • Work with an expert team of web designers, content writers, and social media marketing specialists.
  • Highlight the strong points of your business with online marketing materials from our team.


Our experienced team provides your business with a strategy that will elevate your online reputation.


We meet your requirements by providing a la carte SEO and website design services specific to your industry niche. We’ll recommend one of our packages or customize an SEO solution that suits your needs.


Establish your online authority with a content marketing strategy that sends the right message to your audience.


We create and manage your listings on Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other reputable business listing websites.


Boost positive reviews and filter out spam with our review management and monitoring for comprehensive online reputation management services.


Build your social media presence, reach out to brand advocates, and gain followers on different social networks.

Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management puts you at the front and center of your customers:

Take control of the online buzz

Customers listen to online chatter – reviews, articles, or any brand mentions. Managing your reputation helps you stay on top of the online buzz.

Show the best side of your brand

Put your best foot forward? A strong online reputation provides you with significant opportunities to get more business.


    Build credibility and trust

    A good online reputation helps in building confidence and trust among customers and prospects who want to do business with you.

    Develop an online marketing strategy

    Knowing what resonates with your audience through their reviews provides your business with valuable insights for your marketing efforts.


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    To clean up your online reputation, you may need the services of a good online reputation management agency. This agency should be capable of tracking down sources of negative content about your brand and reduce the impact they have on your online brand image.

    Negative content often takes the form of spam, negative reviews, and unnatural links to pages that can scrape your content and bring down your search ranking visibility.

    A good online reputation management service takes charge of online conversations about you and redirects the tone of content about you in a way that’s fairer and more objective. It also tracks down negatively written or designed web content and attempts to break their connection to your brand.

    A bad online reputation reduces trust in your brand, sometimes in ways that are difficult to measure. The presence of online negative reviews is often enough to discourage people from buying your products and services – creating a direct impact on your bottom line. A bad online image may also cause a vicious cycle that can impact your internal brand stakeholders – present and future employees. It may cause some of your team members to leave and give you a harder time hiring attractive employees afterward.

    A negative reputation may affect deals, partnerships, and your business trying to move forward.

    A good reputation management service is thorough and effective, but it takes at least a few months to achieve visible efforts. Some of the effort may entail SEO-related tactics and strategies, but some of it entails good old customer service outreach – and interacting with customers who had a negative experience with your brand and then wrote about it.

    The cost of online reputation management will depend on the kind of negative content your agency finds online – and whether this content is addressable directly by the agency, or if it entails contacting the original creators of the content in question.

    There are two general causes for this. The first is a negative online or offline experience of your brand by a customer, which led them to write about it or discuss it in forums, social media, or major review platforms viewed by thousands of users. This impacts your overall image, not just your digital presence.

    The other form of bad reputation is a stealth campaign waged against your brand’s website using unethical (black hat) SEO tactics. These include copied content or links from your own site that are then posted on disreputable sites that are meant to bring down your search rankings.

    If reviews, forum posts, or social media posts are the issue, outreach and contacting the customer are your best chance of addressing the negative impact of the content that was posted. If your problem is spammy or unnatural links, you must track down these links and disavow them, or risk bringing down your own site’s ranking, which will affect your bottom line.

    In worst case scenarios, not addressing spammy or unnatural links may incur a Google penalty – a  site delisting which will prevent your website from showing in search engine results for weeks or even months. If this happens (and we hope it doesn’t happen to anyone), it will entail negotiating directly with Google to undo – which your online reputation management service will have to do.

    The easiest way to maintain your brand’s reputation is to protect your customer experience at every customer touchpoint – when they buy your product or service online or offline, interact with your staff, or meet you at events. By engaging in social listening, you may become aware of a negative review or comment, which gives you a chance to address your customer’s feedback. It may be enough for them to revisit their negative comment.

    The other key activity you must perform regularly is simply to Google your brand and see what search results you get, especially in the first and second pages. If you see any questionable links or contents you don’t know how to address, it’s time to contact an online reputation management service to help you.

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