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Shopify Website Design and Development For Your Brand

Your customers are on the internet. The question is: Where is your brand? Build an attractive Shopify website that brings your brand to life and streamlines your sales process.

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Custom Design a Shopify Website For Your Online Store

Your online business may be gaining traction on Facebook and Instagram, but when the supplies and orders pile up, it’ll be hard to track everything on social media. You’ll need a website where you can streamline your business transactions and provide customers with a great shopping experience.

Big brands and SMEs alike have turned to Shopify, one of the most popular business platforms in the ecommerce industry today. It’s used by all types of businesses for its user-friendly interface, beautiful design options, and capability to handle large inventories easily.

Professional Shopify Web Design and Beautiful Ecommerce Stores

When developing a custom design for your site, we follow Shopify standards to ensure that your online store works well on any device and most major browsers. This provides your users with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping on a PC or their smartphone. Here’s how our Shopify web designers and web developers work their magic:


Shopify Website Design And Setup

When developing a custom design for your site, we follow Shopify standards to ensure that your online store works well on any device and most major browsers. This provides your users with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping on a PC or their smartphone.

Shopify Website Design And Setup

Our designers also offer customization services on pre-installed Shopify theme designs without altering the original theme’s standards. To ensure all necessary functionalities work well, our Shopify designers conduct elaborate tests and fix any issues.

Data Migration From Old Website To Shopify

If you already have an online store running on a different platform, we ensure all of your stored data make it through the migration process. You don’t want any loyal patrons wondering what happened to their carts. Truelogic’s Shopify web developers will simplify the data migration so your products, customer carts, orders, reviews, credentials, and all other related components get transferred without any issues.

Shopify SEO

SEO is our specialty, and our Shopify website developers build online stores that are optimized, searchable, and high-ranking on Google. As Shopify is embedded with rich, SEO features, we capitalize on what’s already there and then create a strategy that lets you maximize ROI. You’ll be the first store your customers see when they search for your products.

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Getting Started with a Ecommerce Marketin Website

Shopify Upgrade, Maintenance, And Support

After development and deployment, we take care of security checks, plug-in updates, troubleshooting, backups, monitoring, speed optimization, and routine maintenance for your Shopify website’s optimum sales and growth.

Why Do Online Stores Choose Shopify?

Once you have your business up and running, how are you going to drive ecommerce sales? Many brands turn to Shopify, which currently powers a million sites. There are countless reasons why entrepreneurs love the platform
but we’ve listed a few pros to the platform:

Big Brands Use It

If it’s good enough for well-known brands such as Tesla, Nestle, and Kylie Cosmetics, then it’ll definitely work for your e-Commerce website.

Easier Inventory Management

Shopify is built for commerce. No technical skills required, no custom page management. E-commerce is made easy with Shopify’s platform

Around the Clock Security

Security is critical to building customer trust, and Shopify invests lots of money into ensuring the platform is secure from all types of online threats.

A Breeze to Use

It’s a fantastic, easy-to-use platform for people who want to quickly start and run their online store. From showcasing products to processing orders and connecting with customers – you can do all these and more in a single platform!

Endless Design Possibilities

Shopify’s theme design store has an extensive range of professionally designed themes, making it easy to impress your visitors with an attractive online store. Of course, if you prefer a custom Shopify design, our web designers and developers will do the work for you.

As a trusted web design agency, Truelogic will discuss the pros and cons of Shopify and help you make a decision on the ecommerce platform that’s best for your business. We also have Shopify experts and website designers on-hand who can create a completely custom site for you.

Talk to us today to see how we can help you create a website that speaks your brand.

Why Work With Truelogic?

Professional Designs with User-Focused Navigation

Our Shopify web designers and developers build websites that capture audience’s attention both through form and function: layout, appearance, and visual flow. We also build logical and readable design that reflects how users navigate a page based on the info they need. It’s a Shopify web design strategy perfected through years of expertise and experience.

On Track and On Budget

We follow the best practices in project management to ensure your Shopify website meets your requirements and deadlines. Our solutions are also flexible and scalable, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Digital Marketing Expertise

As a leading provider of digital marketing services in the Philippines, we do more than just Shopify website design and development. After building you a beautiful and user-friendly Shopify website, we can work with you on other fields of online marketing: SEO, pay per click advertising, social media management, and online reputation management.

Work Confidently with Experts

We’ve provided Shopify website design and development services for top brands in the Philippines and an extensive list of international clientele. We get a lot of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. We’ve done it for them, we can do it for you.

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Ready To Get Your Shopify Website Up and Running?

You’ve come to the best place. Truelogic has a team of expert Shopify web designers and web developers who create secure, scalable, and visually appealing e-Commerce websites. Highly recommended for both first-time entrepreneurs and long-time store owners, our Shopify website development services handle everything from Shopify setup and design to SEO and maintenance.

Schedule a free consultation with us today and let’s start building your Shopify website, crafted to convert. Our enthusiastic Shopify web development team will collaborate with you to understand your eCommerce needs and provide customized solutions to provide a great end-user experience that boosts your sales.

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