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Why Go Social?

Filipinos are the world's #1 Users of Social Media

Do you know how much time Filipinos spend on social media? Four hours every day. If your business isn’t on social media, you’re losing them to competitors who are actively engaging them. With social media marketing services to back you up, you can get more online traction for your brand.

Over 76 Million of Filipinos are on social media

More opportunities to reach out to a wider audience, more customers for your business – being on social media is a win-win scenario you can’t pass up. We’ll make sure you have the social media strategy to extend your message to the right audience.

Facebook is second only to TV in driving reach, and 400% more cost-effective.

Facebook marketing in the Philippines is growing for a reason. With the prevalence of Facebook Marketplace, social media has become another avenue not just to promote but also to sell.
Social Media for Accountants

Social Media Marketing Services That Build Real Connections & More Visibility

The digital marketer’s toolkit is not complete without a cohesive social media marketing strategy. With social media in the Philippines making up a significant chunk of every Filipino’s online experience, social media marketing proves to be more than an option – it’s a necessity for good branding, audience reach, and authority.

Today’s social media marketing landscape, more than any other medium, can connect you directly with your brand’s various stakeholders across consumer and industry channels.
With us as your social media marketing agency, we’ll help you cut through the noise and steer the conversation to your brand.

More Than Small Talk—Providing Full Social Media Marketing Coverage

Our digital marketing agency is an expert at cross-discipline marketing execution. When it comes to social media marketing in the Philippines and beyond, we build campaigns that are centered on the following:

Focused, Unified Messaging

Our social media experts study your brand to promote your value propositions across different social channels. Maximize your brand’s exposure with a social media marketing company in the Philippines providing you with expert support.


Content Curation

It’s not just about posting consistently. It’s about making every post count. We make brands the center of conversations by looking for topics that display value for the right audience at the right time.

Community Engagement

Social media advertising in the Philippines goes beyond the number of followers or likes you have; it’s creating a personal experience for your audience. That’s what our team is for – to help you build a community.

Unlock the potential of social media for your brand. By hiring a social media management agency in the Philippines, you get to build your brand together with your community. Let’s work on your social media marketing plan together.

What People Say About Us

We’ve built our reputation as being a trusted social media marketing firm in the Philippines, and we have the happy clients who can speak for us.
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Work With Seasoned Social Media Experts

Expand your reach, drive ROI, and turn online communities into loyal brand ambassadors with our social media marketing solutions. Easily connect and build relationships with people who are ready to click-through and convert. Collaborate with marketers who create targeted and optimized ads that have a clear, enticing message with eye-catching visuals and design.
Social Media for Banks

Truelogic - Your Partner in growth

In 2009, Truelogic started as an SEO company. Over the years, we’ve grown and built a team of proactive professionals and out-of-the-box thinkers. Our range of services have grown as well, providing you with flexible and scalable solutions to take your business to the next level.

Thanks to our seasoned, certified team, you can be sure that your investment yields significant returns. Partner with a top social media marketing agency like us, and you’ll gain a competitive advantage in the digital arena.

Let Your Brand Stand Out On Social

Work with a social media marketing firm in the Philippines with the expertise and technology to take your brand to the next level. We’ll take away the guesswork that comes in developing a social media marketing plan for your business.
Social Media for Accountants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing involves leveraging different social media channels to promote value, engage with your audience, and ultimately, enhance your brand’s reach. A holistic social media marketing strategy uses audience analytics to develop a cohesive message that speaks directly to your customers. Social media marketing encompasses multiple platforms. You can work with a Facebook or Instagram marketing agency in the Philippines, but we recommend working with a company with in-depth experience in different aspects of social media marketing. That’s where we come in. 

Yes! If you’re still asking yourself why you need to be on social media in the Philippines, here’s why. Almost everyone nowadays is online. Many of your target customers are on social.

In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is vital to create immediate brand awareness and interest in your products and services. If you’ve got an e-commerce setup, your social media platform is a powerful way of converting visitors (who consume your content and look at your products) into real buying customers.

What’s more, on social media, your customers come together as a community. They’re helping you co-create and shape your brand online just by interacting with you and with each other. Community building is social media marketing’s most powerful advantage over other marketing disciplines.

Social media ROI can be evaluated against preset marketing objectives like brand awareness, community engagement, customer support, customer satisfaction, sales or lead generation, and revenue. Many of these are measurable with social media analytics tools for month-on-month, year-on-year, or per campaign evaluations.    

Yes, you do! Think of your social media marketing manager as your social media editor in chief and lead content strategist – someone who cultivates and oversees your brand’s presence across various channels.

Not all companies, however, take of their own social media services in-house. If you’re thinking of hiring a social media marketing agency to handle this for you, hire us! We’ll handle the social media management setup, create or update your social media accounts, brainstorm your campaigns – just ask!

Facebook and Instagram are the most used platforms by most brands. It depends on different things, like the nature of your business (B2B/B2C), what products or services you’re selling, and what audiences you’re targeting. You need not be on all social media platforms – just the ones that matter.     

Some of the most important things to do include responding quickly; acknowledging mistakes; accepting feedback; and not being afraid to apologize. Don’t worry. We discuss these Do’s and Don’ts – and more – with all our clients. 

Yes! We will take care of creating a cohesive social media identity for your brand across all channels of your choosing, including the main ones: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let us know if there any other platforms you’re interested in.

Content creation and curation on your social media channels will depend on agreed-upon content strategy between you and us. Then, depending on your target audiences, we can update anywhere between once or twice a day down to once or twice a week.

We do. Monthly reports are an essential component of our social media marketing services.  

Social media advertising is a powerful way of promoting products and services, events, or boosting individual social media posts at a small fraction of what it costs to advertise on traditional media. Paid social, as it’s also called, can be executed swiftly, reaching specific audiences at specified frequencies. 

As a social media marketing services company in the Philippines, we recommend what platforms make most sense for social media advertising specific to your brand. We’re happy to discuss any paid social media campaign you may have in mind.  

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