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EYP ( is an online directory handled by the Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC). EYP is DPC’s online marketing solutions for SMEs. Launched in 1999, the website provides information about goods and services online and through mobile and social media. The company also provides value-added services to enhance the experience of users and advertisers alike.


When we began working on EYP’s website last January 2013, their main issue was many of their pages were not ranking on the SERPs at all. By creating new content, adding tags, updating their metadata, and implementing various content marketing strategies, we were able to boost their traffic and double the number of pages ranking for the first and second page of SERPs while reducing the number of unranked pages.

EYP Case Study

The Challenge

The main challenge was to increase the traffic of the page. We discovered that the website was losing a significant amount of traffic because they were lacking quality content and metadata. They also have not implemented proper tags throughout their website.

Google prioritizes websites with original, quality and relevant rich content on their SERPs. Metadata and tags help search engine crawlers identify and categorize each page properly. Without these, the website was only getting 8% of their pages ranking on the first page of Google SERPs, while 61% of their pages were not even ranking at all.

The Results

We were able to increase the client’s traffic and improve their rankings successfully by adding metadata, implementing appropriate tags, and revising their link building and content strategies. Our SEO marketing strategy targeted a wider range of long-tail keywords and regularly checked for thin and duplicate content, and restructured the website silo structure to facilitate indexing and ranking.

Our efforts successfully:

  • Brought a significant number of new visitors to our client’s site between January and August 2013
  • Increased the number of first and second page rankings
  • Increased and maintained the website’s monthly traffic


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